Singapore-Based App BandLab SongStarter Revolutionizes Next GEN Of Music Creators

BandLab’s SongStarter AI tool creates free instrumental ideas that users can use to start their songs. Users can customize the output by typing lyrics or emojis into the system to produce three possible vibes.

Caldecott Music Group is the parent company of Singapore-based BandLab Technologies, which operates BandLab, a music production app and website that also serves as a social network for creators. In 2021, BandLab raised $65 million in a Series B funding round that valued the company at $315 million

The firm’s founder and CEO, Kuok Meng Ru, sees great potential in AI-generated instrumentals, which enable creators to generate and experiment with a wide range of backing tracks at the touch of a button.

BandLab’s user base is mostly under 24 and overlaps with TikTok. Meng Ru believes that more people are making music now than ever before, and wants to create a music experience centered on a learning journey for music enthusiasts, from buying instruments to exploring online production. BandLab plans to expand its AI-powered music-making tools beyond SongStarter, according to Meng Ru.

One of BandLab’s breakout stars is 17-year-old singer David Burke, who goes by the stage name ‘d4vd’. Unable to afford professional recording equipment, Burke used the app to produce vocal tracks in his sister’s closet. His work gained traction on TikTok and won mainstream popularity. Just months after its release in the summer of 2022, Burke’s single “Romantic Homicide” peaked at number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100.

As AI technology continues to evolve, there is great potential for its application in the music industry. With the ability to generate melodies, chord progressions, and even entire compositions, AI-powered tools like SongStarter have the potential to empower creators to make music on a level that was previously impossible.