Sisters Break Stereotypes in Male-Dominated Construction Industry Takes Over Malaysia’s Ehsan Bina Group

The construction and property development industries are often considered to be male-dominated due to their demanding nature, which includes physical labor and coordinating with various stakeholders while adhering to strict budgets and timelines.

Despite this, sisters Jamie Lai and Adelynn Lai, part of the succession plan for Ehsan Bina Group, are poised to take over the reins of the company.

Ehsan Bina Group was founded by their father Lai Choon Kong, who started as a foreman in Singapore in 1979. The firm was established in Malaysia in 1989 with a team of seasoned industry professionals. Initially, the company began with a cautious approach and focused on the timely completion of quality work at competitive rates.

With this approach, the company has completed numerous significant projects such as Taylor’s Lakeside Campus, ForestHill Damansara, Uptown Residences, Gembira Residence, Casa Tropicana, and others.

The sisters have earned their positions through hard work and dedication to their respective fields.

Jamie has a degree from the University of Malaya and became a chartered member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) in 2014. She worked for Deloitte’s corporate finance department before joining Ehsan Bina as the group’s chief financial officer.

Adelynn has a Master’s of Architecture from the University of Melbourne and worked for a local architecture firm for eight years, earning her registered architect license in 2019. She joined Ehsan Bina as the executive director of Marketing in March 2020.

The Lai sisters have a deep respect for their father and his team and attribute their success to their father’s principles and foundation. Ehsan Bina has a small yet dedicated team and a sense of community while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.