About Us

Maggie Chui
Co-Founder & COO
Bryan Pham
Co-Founder & CEO

Our mission is to create a positive and uplifting environment to support Asian entrepreneurs around the world. Our time is now.

Asian Hustle Network was created by Bryan Pham and Maggie Chui on November 8, 2019. They had a vision to create a global impact for the Asian entrepreneurial community. They both understood that, in Asian culture, we were always taught to keep our heads down and to not create chaos. However, in our ever-evolving generation, they believed that we must use our voices, empower ourselves and our peers, and claim our heritage all at the same time.

The idea for creating this community transpired when Bryan and Maggie visited the Meiji Jingu Shrine, located in Tokyo, Japan and one of the top sights in the big city. Visitors can write down their prayers or wishes on small wooden tablets, also called ema (絵馬), which are left in a designated area at the shrine. They wanted to take this same concept and apply it to build a strong community and break down the social barriers, scarcity mindset and self-limiting beliefs culturally ingrained in our society.

Bryan and Maggie wanted to have members of this community share their entrepreneurial stories and feel empowered to pursue their dreams and goals. Through sharing our entrepreneurial stories, much like writing down wishes on ema at the Meiji Jingu Shrine, we can better understand each other despite our differences in politics, religion, and culture. And if we can understand each other's stories, we are never too far away from each other.

They also understood that Asians were often underrepresented in the professional field and knew that they needed to create a space for members to uplift and support each other in their endeavors. The mission of Asian Hustle Network is to push for more Asian representation in mainstream media and for Asians to rise in investment and corporate ladders. We recognize that we must adopt an abundance mindset and that we can all succeed together.

Asian Hustle Network Team

Bryan Pham (He/His)

Founder & CEO

Maggie Chui (She/Her)

Co-Founder & COO

Arthur Wang (He/His)

VP of Operations

Jimmy Lau (He/His)

VP of Finance

Nicholas Shen (He/His)

Board Member

Angelina Hong (She/Her)

Marketing Director

KK Aoki Izu (He/His)

Business Development Lead

Thomas Hsieh (He/His)

Business Development Lead

Eric Y Chen (He/His)

Marketing Advisor

Geena Chen (She/Her)

AHN Book Lead

Makayla Gessford (She/Her)

AHN Operations

Phoebe Tsai (She/Her)

Product Design & Development

Jimmy Quach (He/His)

Senior Events Manager

Paulina Phu (She/Her)

Moderator Manager

Jimmy Uy (He/His)

Creative Director

Stern Yeh (He/His)

AHN Moderator

Lily Wu (She/Her)

AHN Moderator

Min Park (He/His)

Strategic Advisor