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Bryan Pham, Co-Founder

Our story

How it all started

Hi! We’re Bryan and Maggie. We created Asian Hustle Network in November 2019 so that Asian entrepreneurs could connect with one another by sharing their stories.

When we first started dreaming of Asian Hustle Network, our greatest inspiration was the Meiji Jingu Shrine in Tokyo—one of the most famous Shinto temples in Japan. There, nestled in the beautiful grounds, visitors pause to write down their deepest, heartfelt wishes on wooden wishing tablets called ema (絵馬), hang their prayers from a string, and depart. Afterward, the shrine’s priests and priestesses individually pray for each and every one of the thousands of wishes around the world to come true, and for each of the writers to feel unburdened.
When we visited the shrine in April 2019, we stood there rooted for hours in the peaceful, silent space, reading the wishes of those who had come before us. A wish for a family member to recover from illness, a wish to be accepted into a certain college, a wish to be forgiven, a wish to be a good parent. . . Each was deeply relatable, like anything that comes from the most vulnerable depths of our hearts.

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