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Social Media Advisor / Content Creator Opportunities!

Hey AHN!

I’m Adam a Social Media and Strategy consultant based out of the UK!

I’ve worked across the industry the past view years, with top creators, on all major platforms. I’ve work with folks like Night Media and Mr. Beast, and worked with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch etc getting huge results. The team I previously lead generated over 1 Billion views per month across our partners.

So what prompted this post? There’s been a few recent posts about social media and I thought I’d share with AHN:

There’s a rising trend of companies, brands, startups, partnering with content creators to create organic, viral promotion campaigns that benefit everyone involved, and so let’s make this happen here for you guys!

Let’s get talking! If you’re a a brand, a start up, have a product etc and are looking for ways to market and grow, drop it down below. If you’re a content creator (no matter how small or big!) put it down below and let’s make MAGIC happen. 🪄 I’d love to see the AHN crew uniting to help one another smash it.

Or if you’re looking for a consultant as either a content creator yourself, or looking to partner with creators, hit me up, comment below and DM me, I’d love to give back by providing a discount to anyone from the AHN group. Any content creators (no matter your size) I’d love to talk about your projects, or even possibly have some opportunities for you with brands. I’d really love to work with more of our AHN crew 💜
Let’s do it!


Date: September 19, 2023

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Life changing self development sensei!

I just wanted to give a shout out to my self development sensei, Jeff Yukikazu Sera, since he’s changed my life! He’s a coach that specializes in working with Asian Americans around topics like cultural identity and belonging, self esteem, and family dynamics. He does “shadow work” which basically means that he helps you work on unconscious thoughts and feeling that affect who you are today.

To get a little personal, I grew up in town where there was very little cultural diversity, and I experienced a LOT of racism throughout my school years. I had no idea how much this has conditioned me to be dismissive and embarrassed about my culture. It also affected my confidence and self worth, which has carried over into my life now at 30 years old and spills into my work and personal life.

Jeff really helped me identify this and work through it. For example, I was always embarrassed of having “cute Asian stuff” around the house in fear of being made fun of, and he encouraged me to buy them. Now I have a cute stuffed animal and tape dispenser from Daiso 🙂 He helps me push past the discomfort and raises me up in an empathetic way.

I wouldn’t be able to grow my business to where it’s at today or embrace my cultural identity as much as I have without his help. I wanted to share him on here in case someone can also use his help (which I think most Asian Americans probably can). You can book a consultation with him:


Date: September 18, 2023

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Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok Paid Ads Services

Hi all! My husband and I just started a digital marketing agency and need testimonials. We are both digital marketers by profession. We run Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads. Our website is

We are accepting TWO people or companies where we are going to charge a nominal fee in order to get these testimonials.
If you are interested, please schedule a short, qualifying call with us here –

Thanks and excited to hear from you!


Date: September 9, 2023

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Heal Broken Relationships with Your Parents: Unfinished Business Book Launch on Sept 28 – Kindle Sale for $2!

Unfinished Business: Breaking Down the Great Wall Between Adult Child and Immigrant Parents by Amy C. Yip is releasing on Sept 28th! And to celebrate, the Kindle e-book will be on sale on Amazon for $2 USD between noon-2pm ET on launch day, Sept 28th!

To purchase:

About Unfinished Business
If you’ve ever yearned for your parents’ approval, felt the weight of their high expectations, or experienced the burden of unspoken obligations to care for them as they age, you’re not alone.

Too often, we hesitate to ask our parents about their lives, held back by mistaken beliefs or past conflicts. With warmth, wit, and vulnerability Amy Yip explores the profound influence her parents had on her life and offers you a roadmap to navigate conversations with your own parents.

In Unfinished Business, Amy takes us on a heartfelt journey from detachment to deep connection with her own parents as she delves into the stories she holds about them; from “My success will never be good enough for my parents” to “I must be mentally tough and never ask for help” and everything in between. She illuminates the power of conversation as she invites us to see the world through her and your parents’ eyes. By engaging in meaningful dialogues and taking the time to truly understand their experiences and struggles, we discover that our parents are not just figures from our past, but complex individuals with their own hopes, dreams, and fears.

Each chapter provides a framework of self-reflective prompts, practical tips, and thought-provoking questions to ask your parents, empowering you to embark on your own journey of connection. Because, regardless of the generation we belong to, we all long to be heard and understood. And that includes our parents.

Join Amy on this poignant exploration of family, identity, and the power of conversation. It’s time to embrace the unfinished business, unravel the untold stories, and forge a deeper bond with the ones who shaped us.

This is not and was never going to be easy. But it can get easier.


Date: September 28, 2023

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Sip, Set and Succeed

Want to be your own boss? Learn from the Team behind the Krak Boba!
Krak Boba is a three-year-young boba adventure that’s been spreading like wild tapioca bubbles all over the United States! With 9 physical stores already up and running, and a dozen more in the works, these founders are on a boba roll! Believe it or not, the masterminds behind Krak Boba were once rocking steady careers, but they couldn’t resist the magnetic pull of the boba-universe. They tossed aside their 9-to-5s and dove headfirst into the world of boba-preneurship! Now, get ready to sip on their scrumptious success story, as the founders spill the chewy beans on how they kickstarted this boba-tastic business!

Bonus: Free Boba for the first 30 attendees!

Date: Thu, Aug 24 • 5:30 PM PDT
Location: Krak Boba, 1945 17th St STE 105, Santa Ana, CA 92705


Date: 2023-08-24

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