Social Media Advisor / Content Creator Opportunities!

Hey AHN!

I’m Adam a Social Media and Strategy consultant based out of the UK!

I’ve worked across the industry the past view years, with top creators, on all major platforms. I’ve work with folks like Night Media and Mr. Beast, and worked with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch etc getting huge results. The team I previously lead generated over 1 Billion views per month across our partners.

So what prompted this post? There’s been a few recent posts about social media and I thought I’d share with AHN:

There’s a rising trend of companies, brands, startups, partnering with content creators to create organic, viral promotion campaigns that benefit everyone involved, and so let’s make this happen here for you guys!

Let’s get talking! If you’re a a brand, a start up, have a product etc and are looking for ways to market and grow, drop it down below. If you’re a content creator (no matter how small or big!) put it down below and let’s make MAGIC happen. 🪄 I’d love to see the AHN crew uniting to help one another smash it.

Or if you’re looking for a consultant as either a content creator yourself, or looking to partner with creators, hit me up, comment below and DM me, I’d love to give back by providing a discount to anyone from the AHN group. Any content creators (no matter your size) I’d love to talk about your projects, or even possibly have some opportunities for you with brands. I’d really love to work with more of our AHN crew 💜
Let’s do it!

Date: September 19, 2023
Industry: Marketing / Social Media

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