Started from the Bottom

Hi all!
I’ve been so blessed lately with having more clients hmu for a resume revamp or career mentorship! I’ve been in the tech field since 2018 and I’ve come far from making $16/hour as a 2 week data entry temp at Mint Mobile (yay daddy Ryan Reynolds) to working at Netflix making 6 figures 5 years later (with just my degree in Psychology from the Philippines).
Not to honk my own horn, but my point is, I felt like I started way behind everyone else. Starting from scratch at 23 years old. I spent most of my mid-20s staying up late nights trying to understand code and reading about agile methodologies and scrum and kanban and all the things that I could easily explain now to someone else if they just asked. I didn’t have a mentor those years and I had to grind and crawl and figure it out myself.
As much as possible, I don’t want anyone to go through what I had to. So here I am, offering to help anyone who wants it. I only charge a small fee to ensure we’re not wasting each others time. DM here or on Instagram @millemonzon if interested! Im here for you! If in doubt, feel free to check out my favorite success stories here

Date: March 29, 2024
Industry: Tech

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