Sip, Set and Succeed

Want to be your own boss? Learn from the Team behind the Krak Boba!
Krak Boba is a three-year-young boba adventure that’s been spreading like wild tapioca bubbles all over the United States! With 9 physical stores already up and running, and a dozen more in the works, these founders are on a boba roll! Believe it or not, the masterminds behind Krak Boba were once rocking steady careers, but they couldn’t resist the magnetic pull of the boba-universe. They tossed aside their 9-to-5s and dove headfirst into the world of boba-preneurship! Now, get ready to sip on their scrumptious success story, as the founders spill the chewy beans on how they kickstarted this boba-tastic business!

Bonus: Free Boba for the first 30 attendees!

Date: Thu, Aug 24 • 5:30 PM PDT
Location: Krak Boba, 1945 17th St STE 105, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Date: 2023-08-24
Industry: Entrepreneurship