Beauty App Development!

After reading about the challenges faced by nail salon workers, including low wages and health concerns, we were inspired to create a mobile app that empowers them to take charge of their careers and earnings. Our app focuses on providing on-demand manicures and pedicures in the comfort of customers’ homes, offering convenience and flexibility for both workers and clients. The app allows nail technicians to work on their own terms. They can set their availability, choose the clients they want to serve and manage their schedules more effectively while maximizing their earning potential.

* Co-Design of the App: We value the expertise and insights of nail salon workers in developing an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app. We want to bring together a few nail technicians to actively participate in the design process, providing valuable input to ensure the app meets their specific needs and is easy for anyone to work with.
* Advocacy and Support: We aim to become a platform that not only provides income opportunities but also advocates for fair wages, better working conditions, and improved industry standards. Together, we can amplify our voices and work towards systemic change that benefits nail salon workers nationwide.
* Increased Reach and Impact: Together, we can promote the app’s benefits, empower more workers to join our platform and amplify our collective efforts in supporting their rights and well-being.
* Education and Resources: We recognize the importance of ongoing education and resources for nail salon workers. We can integrate educational content on health, safety, and workplace rights directly into the app. This will further empower workers with knowledge and help them thrive in their profession.

We are looking for those who may be or know someone who, is in a nail salon worker, to help us with their expertise by filling out the google form below.

Date: October 6, 2023
Industry: Beauty Industry