Creators Podcast: Steven Ho Pivots His Way From the Medical Field to the Social Media World

AHN and Meta Prosper have partnered on a new podcast series highlighting API creators. Meta Prosper is dedicated to amplifying and supporting the API community and driving economic growth and equitable representation. The Creators Podcast series delivers stories on how creators achieved success and created impact through their platforms, serving as an inspiration for the community.

In the second episode of the Creators Podcast series, we would like to share the story of Steven Ho whose career path has witnessed an unexpected turn, moving from the emergency room to the entertainment industry.

Steven Ho is a Vietnamese American stand-up comedian and an online sensation, garnering over 16 million followers across social media. 

Throughout his school years, Steven encountered racism and bullying from his peers, particularly directed at his surname.

It was his introduction to “Paris By Night,” a Vietnamese-language performance variety show that sparked his interest in sketch comedy. However, his initial career prospect was working in the medical field as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). 

During college, while working for Stanford ER, Steven discovered his love for acting and started taking acting classes and minor roles in small-scale projects. During this time, he had a hard time finding a balance between his medical career and his acting passion.

When the pandemic happened, everyone turned to social media. Steven was no exception and this is when the silver lining shone through. He started posting to social media and gaining popularity from his signature comic video series, “Tips From the ER.” Since then, he has made social media and comedy his full-time job and gained significant success. His talent has landed him many stand-up shows at the Comedy Store, Ice House, and The Hollywood Comedy.

Listen to The Creators Podcast featuring Steven Ho here.


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