How These Immigrant Brothers Created a Revolutionary Mental Wellness Platform

At the helm of Aura, one of the world’s largest mental wellness content platforms, is Steve Lee, the co-founder and CEO with an inspiring story to tell.

Steve’s journey began as an immigrant in the United States, facing the challenges of language and cultural barriers. However, it was his parents’ bitter divorce, entangled in unfamiliar Korean laws, that deeply impacted his life. Witnessing his mother’s mental health struggles, Steve recognized the need for support and the stigma surrounding mental wellness, particularly within the Asian community.

Initially on a pre-med track at UC Berkeley, Steve’s true passion emerged through his involvement in founding non-profit organizations and self-reflection. Together with his brother Daniel, who shared the same vision, Steve embraced entrepreneurship as a means to create a societal-level impact. Thus, Aura was born.

With a grand vision to help a billion people find peace, Aura set out to democratize access to the knowledge and expertise of coaches and therapists. They created a platform that enabled coaches worldwide to record their voices and generate high-quality audio content from the comfort of their homes.

Aura is a revolutionary two-sided platform, comparable to Spotify and Netflix, that empowers coaches and therapists worldwide to create engaging mental wellness content. In contrast to earlier wellness apps functioning as content studios featuring only a limited number of coaches, Aura stands out by offering an extensive range of content and creators.

The platform goes beyond mere curation, with coaches hosting live streams and providing personalized 1-1 coaching sessions, making Aura the ultimate all-in-one destination for individuals seeking mental wellness support.

Aura proudly boasts the world’s largest mental wellness library, encompassing a wide array of topics including sleep, life coaching, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), spirituality, breathwork, and much more. Additionally, Aura has fostered a thriving community where users can engage in live events hosted by coaches and benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions.

The platform’s commitment to offering comprehensive content, live engagement, and personalized support has revolutionized the way individuals access and experience mental wellness, firmly establishing Aura as a game-changer in the industry.

Aura has achieved unprecedented success and garnered recognition from reputable sources. In 2017, Aura was prominently featured in TechCrunch’s launch feature, drawing attention to its innovative approach. The following year, the platform received the prestigious honor of being listed in Apple’s “Best of Apps,” solidifying its reputation as a top player in the mental wellness space. To fuel further expansion, Steve secured significant venture capital funding from esteemed investors such as Cowboy Ventures and SkyDeck.

The impact of Aura’s efforts can be seen in the numbers and testimonials. Users flock to the platform, spending hundreds of millions of minutes engaging in meditation and self-care activities each year. This remarkable level of engagement demonstrates the profound influence Aura has on individuals’ well-being.

Steve extends a generous invitation to those who prioritize mental health to avail themselves of a special offer. By using the code “TOGETHERAHN” at, individuals can gain free access to Aura for one year. While there is a limit to the number of available codes due to security measures, Steve encourages interested parties to reach out to him should the code become unavailable. More information about Aura can be found at



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