Husband and Wife Duo Revolutionizing Athleisure and Streetwear with Passion and Community Support

In a world where exercise is becoming increasingly important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, finding comfortable and stylish workout clothes is essential. Unfortunately, many brands in the athletic-wear space have similar designs and aesthetics, leaving little room for uniqueness. That’s where MOTN comes in.

Founded by Alice Kim, with the support of her husband, in Los Angeles, MOTN is an athleisure/streetwear brand that aims to provide clothing that encourages people to stay active or to be “always in motion,” as in their slogan.

With their unique approach to combining fitness and streetwear, MOTN has created a loyal community of individuals who are always in motion. As Alice said, “We need other people to encourage us and support us. This is what I hope people wearing MOTN would also feel – that there is a community of people who are always in motion.”

Inspired by Alice’s love for fitness and Josh’s passion for sneakers and fashion culture, one of the main goals of MOTN is to balance workout gear and streetwear. The couple noticed a gap in the market for brands that emphasized both aspects of fashion.

To make their pieces unique, every collection requires dedicated time and thought to execute the style and design they are going for. They aim to create pieces that differ from every collection and keep customers engaged. MOTN values versatility and flexibility, allowing customers the freedom to mix and match pieces or choose an entire outfit to rock.

Starting a new business came with its fair share of challenges, including moments of doubt and uncertainty. Alice often found herself questioning how their brand would stand out in a market that already had thousands of clothing brands. However, Alice shared, “Throughout the uncertainty, I’ve had an amazing group of friends and family, especially my mom, that pushed me and encouraged me to still give it my all and try to make it work!”

Maintaining quality is also a top priority for MOTN. The brand aims to never compromise on quality, even if it means sacrificing on their end, “ Whether it’s taking longer to sample fabrics/materials, sourcing different fabrics/materials, or even taking a hit financially. We know that when it comes to a brand, customers are always first and so we want to prioritize them,” Alice explained.

As an Asian-owned business, the brand has fortunately not faced any large difficulties in the fashion industry. Alice acknowledges the support from the Asian community and is thankful to have individuals who already support MOTN. However, she wants to make it clear that their brand is all-inclusive and not focused solely on the Asian community.

When asked about her biggest piece of advice for someone starting a business, Alice emphasizes the importance of being passionate about what you do and not comparing yourself to others. Growing up, Alice looked up to her single mom, who worked diligently to get to where she is today. Because of that, she acknowledges that building a successful brand takes a lot of hard work and time, but if you work hard and stay committed, people will see your efforts. Alice also stresses the importance of patience and not getting discouraged by slow progress.

Lastly, Alice highlights the value of community support. “Through launching our brand, I realized how important it is to lean into your community,” she says. “The MOTN team may just be two people but the MOTN family is so much bigger, and we cannot thank our community enough for their love and support.”