JFERRER’s Mission to Empower Young Asian Creatives Through His Documentary

JFERRER is a talented Creative Director from Southern California. His journey began in high school when he discovered his love for film. Little did he know that this passion would lead him to an incredible path of self-discovery and empowerment.

It was in college that JFERRER embraced his cultural heritage as a Filipino American, realizing the significance of being Asian in shaping his identity. Despite facing doubts from others, he remained determined to pursue his dreams. This led him to create a documentary titled “DO WHAT I WANT,” shining a spotlight on the incredible work of young Asian creatives.

Now, JFERRER is gearing up for his next mission with “DO WHAT I WANT: SPIN OFF EDITION,” focusing on up-and-coming Asian American DJs in Southern California. Join us as we delve deeper into his story and his mission through an insightful interview with Asian Hustle Network.


The world of music has been a constant inspiration for me. When I listen to a song, my mind instinctively creates music video scenes that synchronize perfectly with each beat. I knew that I had to make these vivid visions into reality and on the screen. I started taking clips of videos and putting them into music and created a whole new vibe and energy for the song. It was exciting to help people experience the song in a whole new way.

As my passion for storytelling through visuals grew, so did the scope of my aspirations. Beyond music videos, I became interested in capturing and celebrating diverse narratives and talent. This interest and experience took on a life of its own and I became involved with crafting and managing live events tailored specifically for emerging creatives.

These events became platforms for budding talents to shine, fostering a community of artistic expression and collaboration. I realize that creativity knows no bounds and I want to unleash it and inspire others to find their own creative gifts.


I grew up in a Filipino American family. Throughout my life, I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by creative family members and friends. Knowing the immense talent and gifts of Asian Americans around me, yet seeing the simple, one-dimensional portrayals of Asian/Asian American characters in movies and television was disappointing.

I want to showcase the rich diversity and talents of Asian Americans and promote positive and authentic representation.


Asian Americans do not rely on their creative side to make money. If we wanted financial stability, we would typically look at careers in the medical field, business, or engineering, right? Creative energy would just be reserved for hobbies. But why can’t it be our full-time career? That’s what I wanted to challenge in “Do What I Want”. I wanted to break free from the stereotypes and challenge the notion that you can’t be successful doing something creative and fun. 

I believe in eliminating the fear of pursuing our passions and going against the grain. We have the power to choose our own paths and find immense success in doing what we love. This is the essence of the documentary I want to create – to shine a light on a community of like-minded individuals who have shattered barriers and defied expectations.

In this documentary, we will meet incredible artists, each driven by their unique passions and determined to leave their mark on the creative world. They stand as living examples of why this project exists – to showcase Asian creatives who fearlessly pursued their dreams, despite parental and societal pressures.

The title “DO WHAT I WANT” embodies the spirit of this documentary, as each person featured chose to follow their heart’s desires. They rejected the notion that their career should be dictated by others and, instead, embraced their true calling. This is a celebration of those who broke free from the confines of societal expectations and carved out their own path to success.


In the realm of young creatives today, networking their art stands as a paramount challenge. Excelling in their craft is undoubtedly crucial, yet without the ability to effectively brand their work and themselves, opportunities for exposure may be limited.

Embracing the significance of self-branding, however, holds the key to unlocking a broader audience and creating a multitude of opportunities that lie ahead. So, dare to showcase your true potential, and let your art shine brightly in the vast sea of possibilities. Together, your creativity and strategic branding will pave the way for a remarkable journey of growth and success. Keep believing in yourself, and the world will undoubtedly take notice of your inspiring creations.


I believe that “DO WHAT I WANT” has the power to ignite a flame of empowerment within the Asian and Asian American communities. It serves as a reminder for individuals to embrace their authenticity and follow their true passions, refusing to conform to societal norms or the cookie-cutter lifestyle. I envision a wave of inspiration, encouraging people to break free from limiting beliefs and embrace the unique paths that await them.

“DO WHAT I WANT” carries a profound significance for Asian American youth. As they witness the success and creativity of these artists, they can find a sense of connection and envision their own future selves achieving greatness. The documentary not only inspires confidence but also fosters a sense of community and unity among Asian Americans, reminding them that they too, can embrace their dreams and make a lasting impact in the world.


Throughout my creative journey, the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is the importance of letting go of seeking validation from others. Happiness cannot be solely dependent on the approval of others. While I appreciate and consider the professional opinions of others when it comes to my work, I firmly believe that I must retain ownership of my decisions. Embracing this mindset empowers me to stay true to my vision and creative expression, paving the way for genuine fulfillment and growth.

By freeing myself from the need for constant validation, I can embark on a path driven by authenticity and self-belief. This newfound sense of independence fuels my creativity and allows me to push boundaries without being confined by external expectations. As I continue to evolve creatively, I welcome constructive feedback and embrace the opportunities to learn and grow, but I will always hold firm to my convictions, knowing that the true essence of my work lies within my passion and dedication to making a meaningful impact.


Instagram: @itsjferrer