Sophia Li Unites Two Cultures for Climate Action and Social Advocacy

AHN and Meta Prosper have partnered on a new podcast series highlighting API creators. Meta Prosper is dedicated to amplifying and supporting the API community and driving economic growth and equitable representation. The Creators Podcast series delivers stories on how creators achieved success and created impact through their platforms, serving as an inspiration for the community.

In the fourth episode of Creators Podcast, we embark on an empowering journey as AHN and Meta Prosper sit down with Sophia Li, a phenomenal Chinese American journalist, climate advocate, and public speaker. In this episode, Sophia Li addresses her cultural heritage and how she raises awareness of complicated subjects including climate justice, civil rights, and technology with ease. 

Even though Sophia was born and raised in the US, she spent two years of childhood with her grandparents in Shandong, China before returning to the US for preschool. Her adjustment to the US culture, along with Buddhist influence throughout childhood, has turned her cross-cultural journeys and wisdom into impact, bridging the two worlds apart into one globally mutual cause – sustainability. 

Sophia has always been a social advocate. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising, her paper on cotton globalization enabled her to receive a $2,000 grant from Cotton Inc., travel the world for fashion studies, and land a four-year position at Vogue.

Now, leveraging her platform and knowledge, she co-founded STEWARD, a project that emphasizes sustainability in the world of Web3 while serving as the co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Web3 Sustainability Coalition. 

Moreover, Sophia does not stop at climate change but she’s also a vocal advocate for social justice. Sophia is an official United Nations Human Rights Champion and a strong supporter of the #StopAsianHate movement and youth education. 

Listen to the Creators Podcast featuring Sophia Li here.


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