Young Siblings, Big Dreams: Oliver and Archer Noe’s Lobster-Inspired Card Game

In the world of entrepreneurship, age knows no boundaries, and Oliver Noe (age 13) and Archer Noe (age 9) are perfect examples of this.

Sons of John Noe, CEO of Yobo Soju, these young talents are crafting their own path to success. We have previously featured John Noe and Yobo Soju in one of our articles titled “This Grape-Based Soju Brand Is Here To Empower Asian-American Spirits.”

Today, we turn our attention to the promising endeavors of Oliver and Archer as they share their inspiring journey in bringing the Maine Catch card game to life.

Finding Inspiration in Lobsters and Art

When asked about the source of their inspiration, the brothers responded with youthful exuberance, “We’re just two young, lobster-obsessed kids hoping to make our game a reality.” 

Their spark of creativity was ignited during a visit to Maine, where they stumbled upon a lobster shack that introduced them to the captivating world of rare lobsters and lobster collecting. Merging these newfound passions with their love for art, the concept of Maine Catch was born.

Navigating Challenges and Staying on Course

Like many creative minds, Oliver and Archer faced challenges on their journey. They openly admitted, “We often get sidetracked.”

Distractions can be a hurdle for entrepreneurs of any age, and learning to stay focused is a valuable skill they are honing.

“Our mission is to create a card game that people can enjoy. This achievement wouldn’t just be ours; it would inspire Asian children worldwide who dream of becoming entrepreneurs.”

Oliver and Archer Noe

Celebrating Artistic Achievements

Despite their age and the challenge of getting sidetracked, these young entrepreneurs have achieved remarkable milestones.

They take immense pride in the fact that all the art featured in Maine Catch is hand-drawn, meticulously refined on the computer, and masterfully shaded in. They have designed and created over 20 unique cards for the game.

Balancing School and Chores with Entrepreneurship

Beyond their entrepreneurial pursuits, Oliver and Archer are just like any other kids their age. While they are blazing a trail in the world of entrepreneurship, these young entrepreneurs still embrace their roles as students and household chore-doers.

Introducing Maine Catch

Oliver and Archer’s passion for game creation has been a lifelong journey, encompassing both imaginary adventures and tangible projects. Lately, their focus has shifted towards card games, with Maine Catch being their most ambitious and promising endeavor yet. It’s evident that their dedication to refining their skills is paying off with this exciting project.

Empowering Aspiring Entrepreneurs

When asked about their mission and vision for Maine Catch, the young entrepreneurs shared, “Our mission is to create a card game that people can enjoy. This achievement wouldn’t just be ours; it would inspire Asian children worldwide who dream of becoming entrepreneurs.” 

Their aspirations extend beyond their own success as they aim to empower the Asian community and inspire young minds to chase their entrepreneurial dreams.

Oliver and Archer Noe are setting a remarkable example of youthful determination and creativity in the world of entrepreneurship. Their journey from lobster shacks to designing a unique card game, Maine Catch, is an inspiring testament to the power of imagination and passion.

As they continue to grow and develop their entrepreneurial skills, they are not only achieving their dreams but also paving the way for aspiring young Asian entrepreneurs worldwide. We look forward to seeing Maine Catch make waves in the gaming world and the positive impact these young talents will have on their community.