Anjali Barman is the Only Indian Woman at Stanford University’s Special Program and This is How

From a small town called Raniganj in Bengal to the prestigious Stanford University, Anjali Barman’s journey is truly amazing.

She became famous for making an app called ‘Ema’ that lets people chat with their friends. And now, she’s the only Indian woman chosen for the special program at Stanford University.

Anjali kindly shared how she got into Stanford with Local 18 so that other Indian students can learn from her experience. According to her, Stanford has two types of classes for executives. One is for individuals who want to learn something specific. They apply on the university’s website, and if they’re chosen, they get a notification. Some short courses can also be done online.

The second type is for bosses like CEOs and directors. Their organizations apply for them to go to Stanford. Stanford also picks some cool start-up companies from all over the world and invites them. Anjali’s start-up was one of the lucky ones.

Anjali got the invitation because her company did really well. It became famous in other countries, not just India. Stanford noticed how quickly her company grew, and they wanted her to join their program.

Stanford will pay for everything, including her research, study costs, and even her stay there. Anjali is leaving for California soon, and her story shows us that with hard work and smart ideas, we can achieve big things no matter where we come from.

Featured Image Source: Indian Express Bangla