Denver’s First Vietnamese Coffee Shop Celebrates Their Second Anniversary

Tí: Cafe Ta, the first-ever Vietnamese coffee shop in Denver, celebrated its second anniversary with joy and pride. Founded by three sisters, Sashaline, Shominic, and Shasitie Nguyen, the café has become a warm and welcoming space for people to connect over coffee and culture.

The idea for the café came from the sisters’ love for their Vietnamese heritage. They wanted to share the joy of Vietnamese coffee with Denver’s residents and visitors. Opening during the pandemic was a leap of faith, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

The café offers a unique blend of flavors by using robusta beans and sweet condensed milk in their coffee. They take pride in slow-dripping the coffee through traditional filters, keeping the essence of Vietnamese coffee culture alive.

Beyond coffee, Tí serves up a variety of drinks like Vietnamese egg coffee, sodas with lychee whipped cream, and matcha drinks. They also host themed weeks, like Anime Week, where they serve beverages inspired by popular anime shows.

Despite opening amid the challenges of the pandemic, Tí: Cafe Ta has experienced overwhelming support from Denver residents. They have been embraced as a place where people can gather, share cultural experiences, and engage in conversation.

Looking ahead, the Nguyen sisters aspire to expand their brand while staying true to their roots. The goal is to continue curating new menu items, hosting more events, and fostering an even stronger sense of community within Denver and beyond.

Their vision for the next two decades includes opening new stores in different states, all while maintaining a commitment to delivering authentic Vietnamese coffee culture and providing a warm, inviting space for coffee enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.

Featured Image Source: 5280 Magazine