He Used to Dislike Food, But Now He’s a Chef Mastering Asian Flavors

Chef Jeremy Pang’s journey into the world of cooking took an unexpected turn from his childhood aversion to food. In his early years, he confessed that he had a distaste for meals.

However, his life took an exciting turn when his family relocated to Singapore, exposing him to open-air food markets, where culinary artisans specialized in single dishes. This experience transformed his perspective, igniting a passion for Asian cuisine that would shape his career.

The pandemic prompted a shift in Pang’s family dynamic, leading him to cook with his son and discover his preferences. Through this shared experience, they explored crafting homemade pizzas and flapjacks. This is when they found out that his son really likes the flavors of Chinese food, like light and tasty dishes with fish and crispy veggies.

An advocate of the Asian tradition of feasting, Pang believes that sharing multiple dishes is integral to the dining experience. This philosophy, deeply ingrained in his approach to cooking, led him to create “Simple Family Feasts,” a guide designed to make the concept accessible to all.

Image Source: Irish News

Central to Pang’s culinary finesse is his artful balancing act of flavors and textures. He highlights the significance of contrast – harmonizing crispy and tender, soft and resilient, while incorporating fresh vegetables or quick-fried selections. This balance is the key to an unforgettable dining experience.

Featured Image Source: SBS