Henderson Welcomes New Asian-Owned Coffee Shop Inspiring the Asian Community

Henderson, Nevada has recently welcomed a new coffee shop that not only offers a unique Asian twist but also serves as a place of representation and empowerment for the community.

In the spirit of celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, local business owner Abel Garcia introduces Lovely Mempin to KTNV, the proud owner of Evergreen Coffee, who aims to inspire and empower fellow entrepreneurs from similar backgrounds.

Owning a business has always been a cherished dream for Lovely, driven by her desire to succeed in a society that often limits opportunities for minorities.

“Growing up I felt like there was a very defined narrative of what it meant to be Asian and I struggled with that because I felt like I was never good enough to be Asian or good enough to be American,” Lovely said to KTNV. She was originally from Manila, Philippines, moved to California, and eventually to Las Vegas.

Image Source: Linkedin / Lovely Mempin

Evergreen Coffee showcases a diverse range of Asian delicacies, including the peach mango pie from Lovely’s childhood and Indian-style toast, which breathe life into her cultural heritage.

Customers like Kyle Wong find solace in businesses like Evergreen Coffee, as they provide a sense of belonging and allow genuine representation of Asian culture. Wong appreciates establishments that bring forth authentic Asian experiences, such as tea businesses that evoke a nostalgic sense of home.

Aside from providing a delightful Asian-inspired coffee experience, Evergreen Coffee also symbolizes the strength and resilience of the Asian community in Las Vegas. Through her business, Lovely seeks to inspire others in the Asian community and to set an example for them to be bold and to take risks.

Featured Image Source: FB (Evergreen Coffee)