How College Dropout Sanjith Konda House Became a Successful Entrepreneur

Sanjith Konda House, an 18-year-old from Bengaluru, India, set off on a conventional journey to Australia to pursue a Business Studies degree at La Trobe University in Melbourne. However, he made an unconventional turn, abandoning his studies in pursuit of an entrepreneurial dream that would later become a successful enterprise, ‘Dropout Chaiwala.’

Sanjith’s bold decision to step away from academia during his fifth semester in exchange for a tea business venture demonstrated exceptional courage, a trait deeply ingrained by his upbringing.

Supported by his parents—a father employed as a mechanical engineer at a Saudi Arabian oil company and a homemaker mother—Sanjith had always been instilled with the values of responsibility and independence beyond his years.

With an initial investment of $120,000, Sanjith, alongside his friends Asar Ahmed Syed, Preetam Akula, and Arun P. Singh, set up their first ‘Dropout Chaiwala’ outlet on Elizabeth Street. Their menu started simple, offering just five varieties of chai, but they gradually began to catch the attention of students and office-goers alike.

Despite facing initial obstacles, Sanjith’s unwavering determination was the driving force behind the business’s growth. By March, they had a mobile chai truck in operation, catering to university events, festivals, and weddings. Another significant milestone came in August with the opening of a third store on La Trobe Street.

Under Sanjith’s dynamic leadership and with the dedication of his team, which included Apoorva Singla overseeing the Elizabeth store, Dropout Chaiwala expanded its menu to include light snacks. Within a year, the business generated $600,000 in sales and provided employment to 40 individuals, turning Sanjith’s bold leap of faith into a thriving success.

Featured Image Source: India Times