Marquis Blends Asian Roots and Modern Flair with Innovative Energy Drinks

The energy drink industry is on an exciting upswing, having expanded by a remarkable $7 billion over the past half-decade. Stepping into this dynamic field is Marquis, a family-founded beverage brand rooted in AAPI heritage. Their approach involves crafting a sparkling drink featuring a unique caffeine blend, setting them apart in the market.

Unlike most energy drinks and functional beverages that cram 200 to 300 milligrams of caffeine into each serving, Marquis opts for a milder 100 milligrams. Interested buyers can find Marquis beverages both on the official website,, and select Target stores, including the Downtown branch located at 735 S. Figueroa Street, as well as local Erewhon Markets.

LA natives Christopher Lai and Danny Huang, co-founders of Marquis, are leading the charge for a healthier caffeine experience. Lai shared with LA Downtown News that around 90% of American adults consume caffeine daily, but Marquis’ caffeine drink comes with added benefits.

Marquis crafts its beverages with organic ingredients, sidestepping added sugars and excess calories. Their concoction combines green tea, green coffee, and yerba mate to offer a balanced, natural energy lift throughout the day. Huang emphasized their ability to provide sustained, natural energy with a fraction of the usual caffeine content.

Marquis beverages boast antioxidants, vitamins B and C, setting them apart in promoting health-conscious choices. Lai’s focus on differentiation from other energy drink companies reflects in Marquis’ careful crafting and dedication to responsible caffeine consumption.

The brand’s flavors, including citrus yuzu, lychee peach, mango ginger, super berry, and pineapple passion, carry a unique touch shaped by their “Asian-ness,” as described by Huang. Their latest flavor, lemon lavender, adds a botanical dimension. Huang revealed that these flavors are a testament to their history, culture, and personal experiences, a way to share nostalgia and love with the world.

Featured Image Source: LA Magazine