Piktina’s Efforts To Connect Fashion Lovers For A Greener Future In Vietnam Saved 10 Tons of Used Clothing In 8 Months

Launched in June 2022, Piktina is the brainchild of dynamic duo CEO Phuong Nguyen and CCO Huyen Trinh-Thanh, who are committed to changing the way we buy and sell secondhand clothing and accessories.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Piktina connects buyers and sellers seamlessly, offering integrated delivery, in-app payment, and customer support functions that make every transaction a breeze. And with a whopping USD 1 million investment from Touchstone Partners last year, Piktina is ready to lead the recommerce revolution in Vietnam.

Image Credit: vnindustry.net

Phuong Nguyen, in a conversation with Retail in Asia, said that Piktina was inspired by a desire to combine her passion for retail fashion and technology to create something scalable and resource-efficient.

Their eight-month milestone includes 350,000 users, 200,000 products, 30,000 vendors, 10 tons of used clothing, and significant conservation of water and CO2. Its educational programs have reached millions with over 110 million online views and top ranking in the App Store’s shopping category.

While fashion recommerce is becoming a popular subject in the business, Nguyen hopes to expand Piktina’s solution outside Vietnam, develop Asia’s largest sustainable fashion community, and alter the way people design, make, purchase, and consume fashion. In five years, Nguyen hopes Piktina will have 100 million users.

Although Piktina plans to expand further into Asia, Nguyen intends to focus on product, community, and partnership building in Vietnam’s market in 2023. Piktina aims to continue advocating for a circular economy and extend fashion’s life cycle by connecting buyers and sellers of secondhand fashion.