Korea’s Jowin Expands Groundbreaking Cancer Treatment Globally With New Telemedicine Platform

Jowin, a Korean innovative venture company, is expanding its cancer treatment services globally with the launch of a telemedicine platform for overseas patients suffering from stage 4 and terminal cancer.

The telemedicine platform will be available worldwide for both cancer patients and caregivers. A “cansultant” at Jowin will analyze the patient’s medical file and offer a consultation service. After registering basic information and condition on the app, the patient will undergo a virtual medical exam with one of Jowin’s doctors and receive a prescription if necessary.

Jowin will provide cancer patients with comprehensive treatment, including “UNBIJE” natural medicine, “HiB&D” dietary supplements, a protein supplement for immunity for nutritional balance, and FDA-registered “body temperature-raising mineral water.”

They will also offer counseling for issues like the dread of death, anxiety, and concerns about relapse, a crucial telemedicine service because emotional discomfort is another challenging struggle that cancer patients face.

According to their recent press release, Jowin plans to partner with global organizations for its telemedicine platform. Partners will recruit and train local cancer consultants to provide services at top treatment facilities in Korea. Interested parties can apply on Jowin’s website.

Jowin’s telemedicine platform has the potential to improve cancer care worldwide, especially in areas with limited access. Their innovative approach and commitment to emotional support set them apart, and their global expansion is a promising development for the future of cancer care.