The Success Story of Each-A-Cup in the World of Bubble Tea

Back in 1999, Singapore was swept by the bubble tea craze. And while a lot of bubble tea shops have come and gone, Each-A-Cup kept thriving. This enduring success story is shown through the experiences of its founders: father and son, Michael and Ivan Chua.

Before entering the F&B industry, Michael Chua enjoyed a successful career as a musician, touring with Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng. However, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start an ice cream business in Taipei, which later became Gelare. Afterward, he co-founded Healthy 2000, a beverage business in Taiwan. Sensing the growing interest in bubble tea in Singapore, Michael rebranded Healthy 2000 as Each-A-Cup in 1999, marking the beginning of their journey.

During the early years, Each-A-Cup faced fierce competition from rivals like Quickly and Happy Cup. However, they stood out due to the novelty and quality of their offerings, gaining widespread recognition.

The bubble tea industry in Singapore took a downturn in 2001 as prices dropped dramatically, and the market became oversaturated with hundreds of bubble tea shops. Many struggled to maintain quality, and even reputable brands faced losses. However, Michael remained resilient, believing in the enduring appeal of bubble tea.

Recovery came in 2003, and Each-A-Cup began rebuilding the business. Ivan, Michael’s son, joined in 2007, bringing fresh energy and ideas to the brand. The second wave of the bubble tea craze saw new players entering the market, but Each-A-Cup’s commitment to authenticity and quality set them apart.

As the founders, Michael and Ivan Chua, continue to guide the brand, the future of Each-A-Cup looks as bright as ever in the dynamic world of bubble tea.

Featured Image Source: CNA Lifestyle