Mylen Yamamoto Tansingco // Ep 83 // Clicking Communities Together Through New Media

Welcome to Episode 83 of the Asian Hustle Network Podcast! We are very excited to have Mylen Yamamoto Tansingco on this week's episode.

We interview Asian entrepreneurs around the world to amplify their voices and empower Asians to pursue their dreams and goals. We believe that each person has a message and a unique story from their entrepreneurial journey that they can share with all of us.

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Mylen Yamamoto Tansingco is the Founder and CEO of Cropsticks, an innovative chopstick with a built-in rest made from sustainable bamboo. It was featured on Season 8 of Shark Tank. It is the first product from Cropmade, a line of sustainable goods for the food and hospitality industry. Its second product is a biodegradable bamboo straw. Cropmade's mission is to "Leave behind a greener environment for future generations" and recently became a proud Certified B Corporation. Launching in March 2017, Cropmade's clients now include 500+ restaurants, hotels, and retailers.

In addition, she runs a talent management company called Clique-Now based in Los Angeles that helps to build the careers of popular digital celebrities. Clique-Now's services include influencer marketing management, packaging, and production.

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