Christmas is Merrier at Mall of America With 6 Diverse St. Nicholas Including the First Asian Santa

After three long years of not celebrating Christmas the ‘usual’ way, children at the Mall of America (MOA) were finally sitting again in amusement and happiness on Santa’s lap. 

What makes the experience even happier and better is to have six different Santas whom children and parents can choose from in making The Santa Experience happen.

In 2016, Larry Jefferson became the first African American Santa Claus in MOA. 

Now, Jefferson will not be alone in completing the Christmas vibe as a diverse group of Santas will be working together to do the task. Among them are two African Americans and the first-ever Asian Santa Allan Siu, named “Santa Allan” in MOA’s record.

All of them are ready to listen to the Christmas wishes from young and young-at-heart people.

With two of the Santas able to speak both Spanish and Cantonese, it adds color in telling the children if they were naughty or nice.

“To run across someone who speaks your language, there’s kind of a bond there. Not only is the language a bond but there is also some sort of psychological bond,” Allan told Fox.