How An Engineering Graduate Trades Hard Hats For Pastry Becomes 6-Figure Baker

For Danica Lynne Casta, an engineer by profession turned baker, success was hers after she risked taking a big step outside her comfort zone. She now manages her online cake business under “Amberlyns Cake.”

The Filipina baker had just graduated from university when the pandemic struck. Danica began to reconsider her professional goals in baking when her family had financial difficulties, so she looked for a short-term position in the online world.  

Danica had limited experience in baking. But through hard work, she persisted in her quest to become a better baker until she became well-known for her delicious “bento cakes”.

The bento cakes were not only delicious but also the perfect size and price for those watching their spending. She also recently launched a “Selfie Mirror Cake” featuring a real mirror on top of the cake. So, you can take one-of-a-kind mirror selfies while taking a snap of your scrumptious cake.

In only one month, she turned a profit into double digits. At that moment, she knew that baking was her true calling in life. “I told my family that I was quitting my job and would be a full-time baker from now on,” she told The Philippine Star, a digital newspaper in the Philippines.

As of writing, Amberlyns Cake (@amberlynscake) got over 178k followers on Instagram and Facebook.