‘Mompreneur’ Turned Her Hurdles Into Success And On A Mission To Help Other Moms Start Their Businesses

Filipino entrepreneur Chell Diaz Fernandez is on a mission to inspire other mothers to persevere in pursuing their dreams, regardless of how simple those businesses are or how difficult the road lies ahead.

The “mompreneur” has tried over 15 businesses since 2016 — she has sold in bazaars and had “sari-sari store” or a neighborhood sundry store. She’s also created a party supplies store, started selling secondhand clothes on Facebook live, and even vlogged.

Chell is currently a full-time Ultra Green Coffee business consultant, helping other mothers start coffee enterprises. She aspires to show that being a mother doesn’t limit success in business. She encourages stay-at-home moms to contact her for financial opportunities. “I want to inspire my fellow moms out there that if I can do it, you can too.” she said.

She described how difficult it was initially because her husband insisted that she should only take care of their children and would not allow her to work or start a business. She had to stand up for herself and realize that even as a stay-at-home mom, she is capable of more than she currently does.

As Chell expressed on her journey, she was aware of the many hardships she had experienced. Nonetheless, she pushed on, thinking of her loved ones and not giving up, and would forever be grateful for the pain and adversity she had endured.

She was hopeful that this would pave the way for her future development and success. In the end, she hopes that those who are discouraged will be able to find strength and hope in her motivational story about her business.