The Rise of Young CEO Mehak Vohra: From College Dropout to Successful Marketing Mentor

After dropping out of school, Mehak Vohra spent the next two years working her way up the corporate ladder before establishing SkillBank, where she can now assist people land jobs at marketing agencies across the United States

Vohra was an experienced ghostwriter and copywriter from an agency, which inspired her to establish her marketing.

When the 21-year-old growth hacker attempted to launch Skilbank, it was initially conceived as a growth marketing training program geared toward newly established technology businesses. She first started the organization during the pandemic in 2019 and aspired to train a workforce that could soon fill entry-level positions in marketing. 

She has also established relationships with her business partners, who are her primary motivation in maintaining a healthy balance within the company and developing productive plans. 

Even though the pandemic has made people jobless, Vohra had the chance to build up the organization to help service workers upskill and gain employment. Skillbank was able to raise $1.5 million thanks to the support of investors like Jason Calacanis, Hawke Media Ventures, Soma Capital, Hustle Fund Champion Hill Labs, Transcend Network, John Kobs, Nelson Wang, Saunder Schroeder, Zack Bloom, and TikTok’s own Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson.

Investors have teamed up with Skillbank partly because they want to contribute to the funding of technologically savvy marketers. They believed that despite marketers’ best efforts, they are not educated in the field and often lack a solid foundation. They also liked that SkillBank was making their training easily accessible and thought the standard education model could use some improvements. “Mehak is a rockstar, and we believe she is the person to get this to success,” said Erik Huberman, CEO of Hawke Media, in praise of Vohra’s decision to Skillbank.

Skillbank just closed a funding round that helped numerous marketers make a career change and, as a result, increase their remuneration. Vohra also has designs for growing SkillBank’s business. At this time, a subscription to SkillBank’s courses starts at $4999, or $7199 if paid in installments. The SkillBank team may be small at the moment, but they have big plans to take on industry leaders like Masterclass and General Assembly.

Nothing can prevent anyone from becoming successful; even a student who quit school and later decided she wanted to devote her life to assisting others in achieving their goals can turn her dreams into a reality.