Announcing AHN’s first accelerator program

About AHN’s Inaugural Accelerator Program

For our first cohort launching Spring 2022, we will accept 10 companies across today’s fastest-growing tech industries, including e-commerce and healthcare. We are looking for founding teams with Asian representation, as well as a strong company thesis and early product market fit. The AHN Fund will aim to invest $100,000 in seeding funding in exchange for 5% equity on a post-money Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE), subject to entity valuation.

Following an intensive 8-week curriculum and mentorship from industry leaders, all efforts will culminate towards a final Pitch Day, whereby founding teams will have the opportunity to present their company to a select panel and AHN’s broader network.

Currently, more than 75% of all rounds raised go to all-white founding teams.

However, research shows that diverse founding and executive teams generate higher median realized multiples on acquisitions and IPOs than all White founding and executive teams (2.5-3.3x and 2-3.3x respectively).1

Asians and Asian Americans are well represented in lower-level positions but underrepresented at management and executive levels (only 19% of managers and 14% of executives).2 Even though Asian American women are the demographic group most likely to have graduate degrees, they are the least likely to hold positions within three reporting levels of the CEO or to have line or supervisory responsibilities.3

Asian Hustle Network is launching an accelerator program to support and accelerate the growth of Asian founded companies in hopes of bridging the gap in inequality.

AHN continues to inspire and empower entrepreneurs within the Asian community.

We continue to bring over 20,000+ in-person and virtual events networking events connecting Asians entrepreneurs around the world and sharing stories and knowledge to each other. More than 15 known startups have been founded through the power of our community, over 300 businesses are listed in the AHN marketplace, and over 3,000 AHN members network with each other in our directory.

If you’re interested in learning more about the AHN Accelerator launch, send us an email at