Asians Are Strong’s Annual Event Shines Light On Protecting And Empowering Asian Women This March

This historic event on March 12th, Sunday, at the iconic Ferry Building in San Francisco, seeks to spotlight the unique experiences and challenges of Asian women both in the past and present.

Asians Are Strong’s founder, Hudson Liao, shared that last year’s event was inspired by the national day of remembrance for the 6 Asian women victims who were murdered during the Atlanta Spa Shootings in 2020.

Shinhong Byun (center), president of the Korean American Bar Association of Northern California, is comforted by friends and family after an emotional address during the ‘Break the Silence’ event at the Asian Art Museum on March 16, 2022. (Beth LaBerge/KQED)

‘Our Time’ is the only event of its kind that solely focuses on Asian Women. Attendees can expect to see 20+ resource groups for Asian women, an interactive, global art project, a live podcast taping of the renowned May Lee show, a stand-up comedy set by rising star Jiaoying Summers, speeches from Asian women leaders like Helen Zia and Gia Vang (co-founder of The Very Asian Foundation), and panel discussions with Asian women business leaders like Victoria Fu (CEO of a skincare brand, Chemist Confessions).

Left to right: May Lee, Jiaoying Summers, Helen Zia, Gia Vang, Victoria Fu

In addition, there will be free self-defense workshop led by TUFF Love, poetry readings, resource tabling from community groups like the Asian Women Shelter and Narika, an art exhibit dedicated to historical Asian women figures, and a Lunar New Year Parade Dragon completely supported by Asian girls and their mothers!

Asians Are Strong’s mission is to empower and protect Asian and Pacific Islanders, which aligns with the event’s goals. It is crucial to highlight the experiences of Asian women in mainstream discourse to prevent their experiences from going unnoticed and forgotten, “Representation is the only way to break stereotypes.” said Liao.

Interested individuals can support the organization’s mission beyond attending the event by signing up to be a volunteer, and supporting their programs including free self-defense workshops for the elderly. The organization also accepts donations.

Liao also urges people to be engaged and active with organizations like Asians Are Strong and other groups that they will be showcasing at the event., “We would also love help to amplify this event so all Asian women and our allies can come to be a part of history. 

For those unable to attend in person, we will have a live stream of the event so that anyone, anywhere in the world can participate in this historic celebration.

Featured Image Source: Beth LaBerge/KQED