Growing up, I labeled myself as a “Fail Asian”

Anna Hsu took the courage to share her story with the AHN community of what she labeled herself as a “Fail Asian” while she was growing up and how she found power from that.

While all of her friends back then excelled in academics and were getting into Ivy Leagues, she would get herself distracted on Youtube or StumbleUpon, which she thought were cool but ‘seemingly useless’ facts about the world.

Just to be like her peers, she tried her best to get straight A’s, nailed her SAT’s, be great at violin, and even tried to join her friends’ traditional Asian dance troupe organized by their parents as she was feeling FOMO.

But one of her friends’ mom had told her, “This is not for fun. This requires dedication and commitment, just like schoolwork; you don’t have that so you shouldn’t be a part of it.” 

Although Anna knew intuitively that her friend’s mother was completely right in that her soul was meant for a different path, she still forced herself into being someone that she was not.

For years, Anna carried that shame and believed that she’ll always be a “fail Asian” and that she will never be good enough as her peers.

But little did she know that identifying herself as a “fail Asian” molded her to become the strong and successful entrepreneur she is today.

Because instead of burying herself in textbooks, those ‘seemingly useless’ things on the internet led her down the rabbit hole of entrepreneurship and self-development.

Instead of staying at her boring research in college to pimp her resume, she left and went to a music festival where she met the love of her life and built e-commerce businesses with him.

And instead of staying at her “safe and secure” nine-to-five job, She quit to pursue her dreams, becoming a certified Transformational Self-Sabotage and Manifestation Coach. Since then, she’s helped hundreds of people heal from childhood trauma so they can overcome their negative and limiting beliefs about life and themselves.

Anna said that she learned to heal the parts that hold shame around her because if she wouldn’t, she will feel stuck no matter how much she tries to battle them, and she believes that everyone could do that too!

Now, from being a “Fail Asian” Anna labeled herself as a “Resourceful and curious soul”

Anna Hsu offers complimentary self-sabotage breakthrough sessions as her way of giving back to the community.

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