Celebrating Individual Narratives and Multiracial Identities Through the Book ‘Mostly Me’

In a world where the narrative of identity often falls into predefined categories, Mostly Me by Collin Hall emerges as a refreshing beacon of self-discovery.

Released on September 18 by Gloo Books, this picture book takes readers on a captivating journey, skillfully illustrating the complexities of biracial identity.

Author and Illustrator

Written by Collin Hall and beautifully illustrated by Crystal Dawn Chaffee, both of whom share a biracial heritage, Mostly Me is a heartfelt project born from personal experiences. Collin embarked on this creative journey shortly after the birth of his first daughter, driven by a powerful desire to equip her with the tools to embrace her multiracial identity.

Collin Hall is a proud biracial Korean/American based in Austin, TX, offering a voice that resonates deeply with those navigating the intricate terrain of identity.

Diverse Representation

According to the *Cooperative Children’s Book Center’s 2022 Diversity Statistics database, only 0.7% of children’s books published in 2022 were authored by multiracial individuals and focused on multiracial characters.

Collin’s Personal Journey

Collin Hall shares, “The biggest hurdle for this project was the internal identity-wrestling before words were even on paper. Having to re-engage with a part of myself I had avoided for a long time was hard, and typically paired with a good dose of uncertainty and guilt. Finding my own footing was, and is, a process, but one that put me in a much better spot to discuss multiracial identity with my own kids in the future.”

He also shared how re-learning Korean nursery rhymes was also a challenge and that it took longer than he expected.

Embracing In-Between Spaces

Mostly Me may be short and whimsical, but it carries a profound message—it’s entirely acceptable to exist within the fluid spaces of identity. It encourages individuals to wholeheartedly embrace all aspects of their heritage, irrespective of societal expectations.

I’ve got some green, I’ve got some blue. 

Some have asked, “So what are you?” 

Not quite blue, not fully green. 

I’m something new. I’m in-between.

Affirmation and Unity

Mostly Me serves as an affirmation, resonating with Collin and Crystal’s own experiences and the experiences of every multiracial child navigating the intricate landscape of identity. It instills the confidence to boldly claim one’s space in the world, reminding us all that there is no universal guidebook for this journey. Instead, it offers the comfort of shared emotions, questions, and experiences.

Within the pages of Mostly Me, Collin Hall extends an invitation to readers to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. This remarkable book celebrates the beauty of embracing multiracial identities, encourages us to revel in the uniqueness of our individual narratives, and, above all, empowers us to find the strength to assert our presence in a wonderfully diverse world.

As we eagerly anticipate its release, Mostly Me promises to inspire and resonate with readers of all backgrounds, young and old, seeking to understand the rich tapestry of identity that defines us all.


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*Independent analysis of data accessed on 07/02/2023 by Gloo Books using the Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC), School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison Diversity Statistics Book Search (https://ccbc.education.wisc.edu/diversity-statistics-book-search/). Permission to publish granted by the CCBC 07/13/2023.