Creators Podcast: The Creative Minds Behind Tubby Nugget and Their Mission to Spread Joy

AHN and Meta Prosper have partnered on a new podcast series highlighting API creators. Meta Prosper is dedicated to amplifying and supporting the API community and driving economic growth and equitable representation. The Creators Podcast series delivers stories on how creators achieved success and created impact through their platforms, serving as an inspiration for the community.

Welcome to the third installment of the Creators Podcast series, where we delve into the inspiring stories behind some of the most beloved and innovative content creators. In this episode, we explore the charming and uplifting world of Tubby Nugget, a social media sensation dedicated to promoting self-love and mental health awareness.

Tubby Nugget is a delightful character from the whimsical universe of Nuggetville. This adorable alien loves eating chicken and has descended to Earth with a mission to spread positivity, laughter, and messages of self-care. With a growing presence on social media, Tubby Nugget offers a daily dose of joy and encouragement to fans around the world, reminding everyone to embrace their inner quirks and look after their mental well-being.

The creative minds behind Tubby Nugget are Joshua Jackson and Jenine Pastores.

Joshua, a skilled director, motion graphics artist, and film editor, has an impressive background working with notable media giants like Netflix, VEVO, and Jubilee Media. Leveraging his artistic expertise, he brings Tubby Nugget to life with vibrant animations and engaging storytelling. As the CEO and co-founder of Nuggetverse Inc., Joshua leads the team with a vision of spreading happiness through their unique content.

Jenine Pastores, the Chief Creative Officer of Nuggetverse, has a rich history as a creative producer and screenwriter, having collaborated with luminaries such as Jon M. Chu and companies like Jubilee Media, Alabaster Co., and VEVO. From a young age, Jenine’s passion for storytelling was nurtured by her love for books and her father’s bedtime stories. Pursuing a degree in screenwriting, she discovered the profound impact of storytelling in connecting people.

The story of Joshua and Jenine’s collaboration begins in 2015 during the Film Fellowship Program at Jubilee Media. Joshua, newly relocated from New Jersey to Los Angeles, met Jenine, who was already pursuing her screenwriting degree in LA. Their partnership started with Joshua directing a film that Jenine was involved in, marking the beginning of a creative journey that would eventually lead to the creation of Tubby Nugget.

Tubby Nugget’s mission is to provide a daily reminder of the importance of self-care and mental health. With a playful and humorous approach, Tubby Nugget encourages fans to embrace their unique selves and find joy in everyday moments.

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