Luxe Du Jour is Making Luxury Fashion More Sustainable and Accessible and This is How

Luxury fashion gets a new face with Luxe Du Jour, a brand driven by innovation and purpose. Tammy Phan, the visionary behind the brand, embarked on this journey to bridge a gap in the market for selling high-end designer handbags. Her pursuit of accessible luxury has reshaped the industry.

Beyond fashion, Luxe Du Jour has redefined the concept of luxury itself. Through Luxe Bag Rental, they’ve unlocked a unique way to experience elegance without the hefty price tag. With a commitment to Recycle, Reuse, and Restore, they’re championing sustainability. Each pre-owned item holds a story of responsible consumption.

Luxe Du Jour’s journey has been marked by challenges, but their ethos remains unwavering. With education and community at the core, they’re leading the charge toward a future where luxury is synonymous with accessibility, ethics, and sustainability.

Join us as we delve deeper into their story.


Luxe Du Jour all started with solving a problem for the founder, Tammy Phan, where she struggled to find a trustworthy place to sell high-end designer handbags. Back then, it was only eBay or your local clothing consignment shop. But eBay was a nightmare of dealing with lowballers, scam payments, and tie wasters and the local clothing consignment shops took 50-60% in commission.

Phan knew there had to be a better way so she started to sell her items on Instagram when the platform was peaking which was the start of the company. Luxe Du Jour ended up building a community on social media and the rest is history!


Phan grew up poor to immigrant parents. The typical expectations of her being a doctor or engineer were the only means of success in her parents’ eyes. However, life did not pan out that way for Phan, and she had to drop out of high school to get a job to help support herself, because she thought by doing this—it would be one less child for her parents to worry about financially. 

Phan’s strong desire for luxury stemmed from not growing up around it, and she made it her goal to one day be able to afford a designer handbag. She worked hard, saved enough money and did just that.

Discovering her one Chanel bag increased in value over time and being able to profit on it after she sold it years down the road sparked a joy that she knew she wanted others to experience. Thus beginning an interest in the value of the luxury designer resale market!

Her mission is to make designer luxury more affordable, accessible, and sustainable.


Shopping for pre owned designer luxury has not changed in the last decade and the prices of designer luxury constantly keep increasing but the shopping experience in store hasn’t changed or evolved to make the price hikes worth it. 

Why are we able to test drive cars before committing thousands of dollars to it and not be able to do that with expensive designer handbags that also cost thousands of dollars even $10,000+?

Luxe Bag Rental saw a huge hole in the market that women wanted to constantly switch up their styles more often, try it before they buy it, or just wear an item once for a special event or photoshoot without the hassle of trying to sell it after. Luxe Bag Rental clients now get to experience a completely new way of shopping and trying out designer fashion. If they love the bag, they can opt for rent-to-own. It gives consumers a chance to really experience the items first-hand providing a smarter and more approachable way to shop. 


Everything done at Luxe Du Jour integrates the 3 R’s.

When you shop or sell preowned, you are RECYCLING that designer handbag. When you rent with Luxe Bag Rental you are REUSING that designer handbag and when you restore a bag back to life with Luxe Bag Spa you are REDUCING waste because a bag you were not going to wear anymore due to its damage now has a second chance at being worn and loved again!

It takes up approximately 629 kg of CO2 to produce one leather handbag so we are reducing a lot of carbon emissions every time a designer handbag is sold, rented, or restored! The fashion industry is so wrapped up in having everything brand new, Luxe Du Jour wants to focus on how to normalize pre-owned and continue to find ways to push for positive environmental impact. 


Authenticity is the core of Luxe Du Jour’s business. A 3-step authentication process is done to ensure authenticity for every item sold or rented out hence why Luxe Du Jour offers a lifetime guarantee or you get your money back.

A rise of counterfeits and fast fashion has flooded the market and Luxe Du Jour focuses on educating our community on the negative impacts of buying counterfeit and fast fashion by building a community and nurturing that community to  fulfill their needs.


We aspire for Luxe Du Jour to be a huge disrupter in designer luxury fashion and want to lead the path so that the luxury giants follow and want to be a part of the positive impact we are making for those who love authentic designer luxury.

Luxe Du Jour will continue to be innovative and bring a new look to preowned.



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