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TikTok Live Creator

Location: San Francisco, CA

Salary range: 15% Commission

Company: Private
Skincare Products

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Nonprofit: Education, Public Awareness, Policy/Advocacy

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Salary range: 40,000-66,000 NTD

Company: TaiwanPlus
TaiwanPlus is the premier global provider of English-language news and infotainment from Taiwan — offering trustworthy news coverage, informative perspectives on cross-strait relations, plus inspiring lifestyle content focusing on food, travel, and entertainment. Proud to be based in one of Asia's most vibrant democracies, our diverse team of journalists and producers is committed to delivering independent news and stories that inform, enlighten and inspire audiences worldwide. To support our growth, we are seeking a talented Senior Content Marketing Specialist to join our team.

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TikTok Creative Director/Strategist @ Launchers Academy (Jaiden Vu)

Location: Remote

Salary range: $15 - $30 an hour

Company: Launchers Academy (Jaiden Vu)
We're a educational ecommerce mentorship platform.

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Creative Director

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Salary range: You'll love it!

Company: Jubilee Media
At Jubilee, we're on a mission to provoke a new culture of empathy. We explore experiences that push people to feel more, think more, and see more in others. We challenge the belief of a black-and-white world, and instead embrace the complexity and richness of our experiences. By magnifying these stories we can discover personal identities, shared truths, and how we fit in the overarching human story. People are at the core of our mission and we're looking for our next family member to join the adventure. We believe that together we can change the world.

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