Fitness Coach at Strength Camp SF

Role: Fitness Coach
Location: 6255 Mission Street, Daly City
Industry: Fitness
Salary range: 30-60/hour
Company: Strength Camp SF Strength Camp offers strength and conditioning classes in a fun and supportive group training community. Each class is one hour long led by qualified friendly coaches who guide members through the day’s programmed class, performing different movements and lifts. Classes are challenging, but also lots of fun, and you’ll see your body transform. Our method is different from boot camp style classes or a commercial gym in that we focus on a combination of both increasing strength in your lifts and conditioning!

✅Team Player
✅Excellent communication skills
✅Loves working with people
✅Passion for strength and fitness
✅Early morning (6am-9:30am) or evening (4:30pm-8pm) availability at least 2x/week
✅Welcomes feedback
✅Experienced in coaching


-Opportunity to inspire positive change in people’s lives
-Flexible hours to accommodate your busy schedule
-Learn the operations of a small business
-Develop your fitness and coaching skills
-Potential for growth (hosting seminars, learning sales skills, having an audience from SCSF etc)
-Competitive compensation
-Gym access during closed hours

Job description:

Our coaches lead workouts in a fun group setting and tailor the exercises to match the capabilities of individual members, ensuring that we’re able to take their fitness to the next level.

Our gym promises and guarantees our members move towards Becoming The Strongest Version of Themselves. As a Strength Camp coach, you embody our mission of Becoming The Strongest Version of Yourself, and empowering and inspiring our members to do the same.

This is a part time position with an opportunity for long term growth. Starting compensation will depend on skill and level of experience. We also have one intern position available for those with limited to no prior experience and would like to explore a career in fitness. More info:

How to apply: To apply to either the coach or intern position, email resumes and cover letters to *BONUS* Sending a video about why you are passionate about fitness and changing lives will move your application to the front of the line! or submit the form below.