A New Family-Inspired Eatery Brings Vietnamese and Chinese Cuisine to Superior, Wisconsin

William Asian Food to Go, a charming new eatery nestled at Superior, Wisconsin, has recently entered the culinary scene, offering a delightful blend of Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine.

The name of the restaurant has special meaning for the proprietors because it honors their 4-year-old son, William Tran. The devoted owners, Dung Tran and Nguyet Ho, have filled the entire business with their familial love. Their gifted 9-year-old daughter Ngoc’s meticulously created artwork lends the interior decor a lively charm.

“The reason we opened this one is not for me and my wife, it’s for them,” Tran said to Superior Telegram.

Drawing upon their Vietnamese heritage, the couple presents a diverse menu that artfully captures the authentic flavors of Vietnam and China. Whether you crave fried rice, spring rolls, stir-fry, rice vermicelli dishes, or Vietnamese sandwiches, every dish is expertly prepared and made fresh to order.

Bringing nearly 15 years of culinary expertise to the table, Tran’s skills are well-reflected in the dishes he crafts with passion and precision. Notably, his brother once ran the beloved Pho Cali restaurant in Superior from 2017 to 2022, contributing to Tran’s local connection and commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience.

Although starting the company has been difficult, Ho and Tran are excited to see it expand. They are unwavering in their commitment to the family, making sure that the warmth and affection that gave birth to William Asian Food to Go are now at the core of their business.

Featured Image Source: Superior Telegram