A Teacher and Basketball Coach’s Path to a Six-Figure Income in Orange County

Meet Jae Byun, a math teacher and basketball coach in Orange County, California, who’s making a six-figure salary doing what he loves.

Originally majoring in business economics at the University of California, Irvine, Jae initially set his sights on a financial industry career. However, after completing internships in that field, he felt a desire for something different.

During his senior year in 2013, he accepted a coaching position at his former high school in Orange County, guided by the stability and income potential his coaches emphasized in the teaching profession.

“It wasn’t going to make me a millionaire, but it was going to allow me to have time and freedom. That really appealed to me,” he said to CNBC.

Born in South Korea, Jae moved to California at a young age and grew up valuing hard work, learning from his truck driver father and spa worker mother. His parents were concerned about him at first and disappointed that he took a career in education, but eventually, they came around with the fact and loved that Jae now lives with them. Jae is paying them $800 for rent and helping with household expenses, even though they told him that he didn’t need to.

Image Source: CNBC

It took Jae about six years to reach his current salary of nearly $115,000, including coaching stipends and summer programs. He actively manages his money, saving half of his monthly income and investing in retirement accounts. Even with some unexpected expenses, Jae remains committed to financial stability.

Looking ahead, Jae plans to generate extra income and ensure a comfortable retirement for his parents.

Featured Image Source: CNBC