Baemin Introduces Skincare and Makeup Brand Lazy Bee in Vietnam

South Korean delivery giant, Baemin, has expanded its business horizons by venturing into the world of beauty in Vietnam. The company recently unveiled its very own beauty brand, Lazy Bee, offering a range of skincare and makeup products. This strategic move helps Baemin in diversifying its services beyond food delivery while capitalizing on the growing popularity of K-beauty trends in Vietnam.

Lazy Bee’s product lineup consists of 11 items, including facial masks, lipsticks, and toner pads. The brand’s core mission is to provide accessible and effective beauty solutions tailored to the specific needs of Vietnamese consumers. With Vietnam’s humid climate and environmental factors affecting skin, Lazy Bee focuses on creating products that address these challenges. The brand’s formulations are enriched with natural ingredients, such as calendula and red ginseng, sourced from Korea to cater to the local climate and skin types.

In its current phase, Lazy Bee products are exclusively available through the Baemin app, catering primarily to customers in Ho Chi Minh City. Baemin is actively working to enhance the user experience within the app. Additionally, the brand is organizing on-ground events in Ho Chi Minh City, offering customers the opportunity to personally experience their beauty products.

Looking ahead, Lazy Bee has ambitious plans for expansion. The brand aims to extend its reach through online sales platforms like Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop in the coming months. Furthermore, Lazy Bee intends to establish a physical presence by collaborating with beauty retail chains and convenience stores. The brand is set to broaden its footprint by entering the Hanoi market and offering nationwide shipping, firmly positioning itself as a contender in Vietnam’s dynamic beauty industry.

Featured Image Source: Tin Tuc