Ethos Fund’s Inaugural $12 Million Fund Invests In US-Vietnam Tech Synergy

Ethos Fund, the joint creation of David Yo and Simon Shin, serves a unique purpose of forging connections between the tech ecosystems of Vietnam and the U.S. Their approach is both innovative and influential, laying the foundation for strengthened cross-border collaboration between two nations. 

This innovative firm moves away from conventional models by prioritizing investments in a distinct group: “third culture founders”. Shaped by navigating multiple cultures, these individuals possess a unique blend of global understanding and a fervent desire to solve critical problems.

Ethos Fund acts as a bridge, fostering collaboration between the growing tech ecosystems of the United States and Vietnam. Led by the Korean-American duo of David Yi and Simon Shin, the firm leverages their founders’ multicultural backgrounds to identify promising investment opportunities. Their inaugural $12 million fund targets both sides of the US-Vietnam tech equation.

David Yi (L) and Simon Shin (R), co-founders of Ethos Fund (Ethos Fund)

The name “Ethos” reflects their core philosophy. Ethos Fund believes that founders are more than just cross-cultural connectors. Their unique third culture, shaped by experiences beyond nationality or geography, drives their vision and impact.

In the US, Ethos Fund seeks out “third culture founders”, individuals whose experiences span across cultures. Ethos Fund identifies these innovative minds with the potential to innovate industries and empower them through investments.

Within Vietnam, Ethos Fund takes a bold step further. They actively invest in early-stage startups, even those pre-revenue and pre-product. Their focus lies on the Vietnamese diaspora and expats filled with innovative ideas.

Ethos Fund’s commitment extends beyond financial support. They actively cultivate a collaborative environment by offering educational programs and events specifically designed to connect US and Vietnamese entrepreneurs. This dedication to enhancing cross-national collaboration emphasizes Ethos Fund’s vision for a future where geographical boundaries are no longer a concern.