Filipino Couple Started a Small Business to Support Autism in the Philippines

Amidst a worldwide lockdown, Chris and Minette Sales, a Filipino couple living in Australia, found a way to help families back in the Philippines who are dealing with autism. Their small business, Mrs. Market, helps groups that support people with autism.

Their journey began when their twin sons were diagnosed with autism. Living in Australia gave them access to much-needed help for their children. But Minette, being a Filipino, wanted to share this kind of support with families in the Philippines.

Their business, Mrs. Market, started because their children had special dietary needs. They decided to use this as an opportunity to give back. Some of their profits go to organizations in the Philippines that help people with autism.

Image Source: Mrs. Market

Chris, a nurse, already had a feeling that their sons were behind in their development. He told Minette that they needed to face the challenge together and be the best parents for their kids. They run their small business with support from Minette’s mom, who’s also a nurse, and their friends who help when they can.

Mrs. Market is part of a community in Melbourne that supports Filipino business owners. The Sari-Sari Success community started during the lockdown and has become a place where Filipinos can share their experiences as entrepreneurs. It’s all about helping each other succeed, build networks, and make new friends.

Featured Image Source: SBS Filipino