Former Pharmacist Opens Cafe While Competing on Gordon Ramsay’s Show

While preparing to open a new cafe in Chicago’s vibrant Uptown neighborhood, pharmacist-turned-entrepreneur Lan Ho is also competing on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars, a reality show featuring aspiring chefs and culinary innovators.

The cafe will showcase her own brand Fat Miilk and will pay homage to Vietnamese culture through its space and food offerings.

Image Source: Fat Miilk

Vietnamese coffee holds a significant place in Vietnamese culture, and Lan Ho is determined to offer an elevated coffee experience that truly captures the essence of this rich tradition. By working closely with local farmers throughout Vietnam, Fat Miilk ensures that only the highest quality Robusta beans are sourced for their coffee. 

According to TimeOut, these organic green beans, renowned for their sweet and fruity flavor, are cultivated at different elevations and roasted using the traditional Vietnamese slow drip method. By focusing on Robusta beans, Fat Miilk stands out from other coffee brands, striving to serve the most authentic and flavorsome Vietnamese coffee.

Ho’s Vietnamese heritage and her family’s entrepreneurial spirit have been influential in her journey. As the child of Vietnamese refugees, she witnessed the determination and resilience of her family members who started businesses to provide for their loved ones. This upbringing instilled in Ho a strong sense of purpose and resilience, which helped her in starting her own business.

Participating in Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars has been a transformative experience for Ho, teaching her valuable lessons in self-advocacy and self-care. 

As the opening of Fat Miilk’s flagship cafe approaches, Lan Ho remains committed to creating a space that authentically represents Vietnamese coffee culture. The cafe will not only serve an array of Vietnamese coffee options but will also feature Vietnamese meat pies and other delicacies.

Featured Image Source: @iamlanho