Harrisburg Coffee Shop Celebrates Representation with ‘HAAPI Mornings’

Something special is brewing at Harrisburg’s Elementary Coffee Co.

Elementary Coffee Co. partnered with the Harrisburg Asian American Pacific Islander (HAAPI) group to introduce a brand-new coffee called “HAAPI Mornings.” This tasty blend is inspired by Vietnamese flavors and was launched during AAPI Heritage Month in May. The goal is to show more people from different backgrounds and cultures, making them feel included and seen.

“It’s all about visibility and representation,” Ellen Min, a member of HAAPI, said to The Burg News. “The more representation and visibility, the less we are excluded.”

It all started when members of the HAAPI group visited a coffee shop in New York City that had special Asian coffees. They thought it would be great to have something like that in their own city.

So, they talked to Andrea Grove, the owner of Elementary Coffee Co., and she jumped at the idea. They worked together to create a unique blend using beans from India and making it a dark roast for a rich taste.

Besides the yummy “HAAPI Mornings” coffee, Elementary Coffee Co. also offers other special drinks inspired by Vietnam. You can try the traditional Vietnamese hot and iced coffee, as well as the Ube Iced Latte and Saigon Iced Coffee.

Image Source: The Burg News

“Coffee really brings people together, and this coffee is doing that in such an impactful way,” Andrea Grove said to The Burg News.

Featured Image Source: The Burg News