How a Local Grocery Turned into One of The Largest Supermarket Chains in The US

99 Ranch is a beloved Asian supermarket chain turned into a national powerhouse, under the management of the second-generation owners, Jonson and Alice Chen.

Established in 1984 in Westminster by their Taiwanese immigrant father, Roger Chen, the grocery store has now evolved into one of the largest Asian supermarket chains in America, with 58 stores in 11 states and its headquarters in Buena Park, California.

Catering extensively to ethnically Chinese communities, 99 Ranch Market has become more than just a grocery store for many Asian Americans in California. The name “99 Ranch” carries a double meaning: “ranch” symbolizes freshness, while “99,” pronounced “jiu jiu” in Mandarin Chinese, conveys longevity – signifying the company’s pursuit of near perfection with a commitment to constant improvement.

Jonson and Alice Chen represent the new generation of leadership steering the nearly 40-year-old grocery chain’s expansion across the United States. As children, they spent countless weekends at the store and their childhood experiences provided them with valuable insights and knowledge.

Today, the company grows most of its produce on specialty farms across the United States and Mexico, with a team of over 7,000 employees, 82% of whom are bilingual, to cater to the diverse needs of their customers.

According to Yahoo FInance, Part of 99 Ranch’s success lies in its responsiveness to the changing tastes of its customers. As trends evolve, the company actively includes Filipino ingredients, skewers, and spicy Sichuan flavors in their offerings.

As the Chen siblings carry the legacy of 99 Ranch forward, their commitment to serving their community and striving for excellence remains steadfast, ensuring the supermarket chain’s continued success on a national scale.

Featured Image Source: LA Times