How This 29-Year-Old Entrepreneur Turned a Home Business into a South Asian Culinary Sensation

29-year-old Raveena Oberoi has successfully incorporated South Asian flavors into her business, Just Cakes Bakeshop.

Raveena’s passion for baking began during her high school years when she turned to the kitchen as an outlet for dealing with bullying. Inspired by shows like Food Network and Cake Boss, she developed a deep love for baking and crafting unique cake designs.

Starting as a home business, she faced challenges when she moved to Vancouver for her psychology studies at UBC, as she no longer had access to a kitchen. Undeterred, she commuted back to her hometown of Abbotsford every weekend to fulfill cake orders. After graduating in 2015, Raveena took a leap of faith and traveled to Paris to study pastry arts at Ecole Bellouet Conseil.

Upon her return, she opened Surrey’s first Just Cakes Bakeshop (JCB) in 2017.

Raveena’s hard work paid off, and today she serves as a judge on Food Network’s Wall of Bakers, operates two JCB storefronts, and supplies products to over 85 retailers in the province. Proudly representing the young South Asian community, she infuses nostalgic flavors into her creations, such as the popular cardamom dream mousse.

A significant milestone for JCB occurred in April 2023 when their signature cakes in a jar became available at all Blenz Coffee locations in British Columbia and Alberta. Raveena reflects on the remarkable growth of this product, going from making just 100 jars a month in her mother’s kitchen to producing close to 15,000 jars monthly from their dedicated facility.

Since its establishment in 2017, Just Cakes has experienced substantial growth, expanding its team to 30 employees and generating $2.2 million in revenue this fiscal year. The company’s innovation is exemplified by the introduction of Canada’s first cake jar vending machine, the Jar Bar, currently located at Burnaby’s Brentwood Mall and Abbotsford’s Sevenoaks Mall.

Featured Image Source: @ravthechef