How Young Asians are Making a Global Impact One Green Step at a Time

Rising from the bustling streets of Asia, a new wave of young eco-champions is shaping the world of green business. One of these changemakers is Samuel Tecuala, a student from the Philippines studying in the UK.

Tecuala realized that coconuts could do more than make tasty treats—they could also help the environment. Back home, he noticed that lots of people were lactose intolerant, which means they can’t drink regular milk. So, he started a company called Dehusk, which makes coconut milk that’s good for people and the planet.

This isn’t just one person’s effort. According to Study International, a survey found that almost everyone in Asia is willing to spend more money on products that are kind to the Earth. Around 40% of people want to buy things that don’t hurt the environment in the next few years. In fact, Asians care as much about the environment as folks in the Western world, and they’re extra concerned about things that are good for their health.

This change in attitude comes after the pandemic showed us how much we depend on a healthy planet. During lockdowns, places like New Delhi and Mumbai saw less air pollution. This made people pay more attention to living sustainably, which means using less energy and creating less waste.

Schools, like the EHL Hospitality Business School in Switzerland and Singapore, are teaching students how to make the world cleaner and better. They’re showing that even small actions, like not wasting things, can add up to a big difference.

People all over Asia are joining the green movement, and schools are teaching students how to keep the Earth healthy. This is a good reminder that even small steps can lead to a big change.

Featured Image Source: Dehusk