Korean Mompreneur Created Solar-Powered Solutions to Combat Air Pollution and Aid Disaster Zones

Inspired by her son’s asthma diagnosis, NYC local mom Alice Min Soo Chun decided to take action against air pollution, leading to the creation of innovative solar-powered solutions. Now, her groundbreaking solar technology is making a significant impact in regions affected by disasters, including war-torn Ukraine.

Her latest invention, the Mega Puff, is a fantastic foldable lantern that can also charge your phone. Unlike other solar chargers that take forever to charge, the Mega Puff does it in just one day. This smart mom has already donated thousands of these lanterns to help disaster victims.

As a child growing up outside Syracuse, Alice faced the harsh reality of bullying due to her Korean heritage. She found comfort in making origami with her mom. Later on, she became a teacher and launched her own company, Solight, to help others.

Since then, she has sold over one million solar-powered products and her efforts caught the attention of prominent figures like Disney CEO Bob Iger, who championed her cause after reading about her work.

Alice Min Soo Chun said to ABC7NY, “Small things matter, but if we all work collectively, we can change the world.”

Featured Image Source: MSNBC