Meet The Chinese Pancake Shop Owner with Exceptional Calligraphy Skills

Mastering the art of calligraphy has transformed Kang Jinming, a humble 50-year-old proprietor of a cozy pancake roll shop, into a local sensation known as “the calligrapher at a pancake shop.” Situated in the heart of Hefei city, the capital of China’s Anhui Province, Kang’s unassuming establishment is renowned for its delectable stuffed pancake rolls, a favorite among the locals.

Over weekends, as customers savor their pancake rolls, Kang surprises them with a small yet significant gift—a carefully composed note featuring a line of poetry, a fragment of prose, an age-old adage, or a beautifully scribed Chinese character. Most commonly, the characters for “Le” (joy) and “Qu” (fun) are included in these tokens.

For 30 years, while taking care of his shop, he practiced calligraphy. When there are no customers around, Kang quietly sits at a small table and practices his writing with a brush. After closing his shop, he continues on bigger pieces of paper. His love for calligraphy makes him use anything he can find to write on – old books, newspapers, and even cardboard.

Kang’s establishment has become a local attraction, drawing both online attention and physical visits from locals and tourists alike. Looking to the future, Kang aims to create a few calligraphy pieces and have them framed as a legacy for the next generation.

“That’s what lies in the innermost part of my heart—knowing that I’ve left something in the world and society and that I’ve been happy doing what I love. I will be content with my life,” he shared with People Daily.

Featured Image Source: People Daily