Michelle Cordeiro Grant Enters the Wellness Space With Clean Energy Drinks

Michelle Cordeiro Grant, a serial entrepreneur and former Victoria’s Secret executive, has once again taken the business world by storm with her latest venture, Gorgie.

After successfully founding and scaling the online intimate apparel company Lively, which was later sold for $105 million, Michelle decided to enter the wellness space with a new line of clean energy drinks, valuing at $20 billion.

Gorgie was inspired from Lively’s previous slogan “gorgeous human” and it already had a dedicated following before it was created, as customers expressed their desire for functional benefits in the form of a refreshing drink rather than powders or pills.

Image Source: Gorgie

Gorgie offers six delightful bubbly variations like citrus burst, watermelon crush, and mango tango. These eye-catching beverages, packaged with a subtle ’80s film grain aesthetic, can be found in around 700 retail locations, including popular stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods. With plans to reach 1,000 stores by summer’s end, Gorgie is expected to achieve impressive revenue results in its inaugural year.

According to Forbes, the success of Gorgie can be attributed to Michelle’s partnership with Jason Cohen, a seasoned entrepreneur in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Their complementary skillsets and experience propelled Gorgie’s rapid market entry. Cohen’s expertise in the beverage space, coupled with Michelle’s branding and digital marketing background, paved the way for Gorgie’s quick journey from ideation to product launch.

“I picture Gorgie coolers at the checkout line of Sephora and Ulta, and the end cap of Target that happens to face the beauty aisle because we’re at the intersection of energy meets wellness,” Michelle said to Forbes. “Everybody’s ready for this rollout to happen, so I’m manifesting it out loud.”

Featured Image Source: Forbes